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Subject: cva2xsl script

Hallo out there,

I have (again) a few questions:

Mr. Holman wrote in an Email:


When thinking last week about an upcoming code list task at UN/CEFACT, I was reminded of arguments raised during a similar development process in the OASIS Code List Representation Technical Committee: that the TC should *not* be in the business of publishing running executable code in support of its standards. The two main arguments are:

(1) - who is going to maintain the code if it breaks and the author is no longer on the committee?

(2) - the TC should not be in competition with any organization that may wish to write code to fulfill the same requirements

One of the arguments for producing code was "but this is a reference implementation" and that was deemed insufficient to address the two concerns.

The case study is the CVA to Schematron conversion tool that I wrote, donated to OASIS, and then repatriated back to Crane because of the committee decision:




Here my Questions:

1)      He spoke about “..because of the committee decision..” is there any UBL TC official decision why the script went back to Crane Softwrights Ltd.?

2)       “..the TC should *not* be in the business of publishing running executable code in support of its standards..”. The script above is such an executable.  How do I have to understand this script:

a.       The script is free to use

b.      AND  it is property of Crane Softwrights Ltd.

c.       WHAT IF CraneSoftwrights decides not to update this script on further UBL/CVA/Genericode features ? – this is pure hypothetical-no affront to Crane Softwrights Ltd. J. Isn’t this a kind of “bottle neck” for the script and for the UBL-Validation? I see  this script as the linking-piece between UBL , CVA ,GC Files and validation process. Are any other (known | free | not-free) scripts who do the same job?

3)      Can this script information be mentioned in future UBL 2.1 documentation?





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