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Subject: Order with multiple delivery moments

UBL users,


I have a question about how to handle the following situation:


We place an order to our supplier for a specific article. We would like to receive 100 Pcs next Week (20 Januari 2012)

We send a UBL order to our supplier with that delivery date in it.


Now the suppliers comes back to us and tells us that he can only deliver 50 Pcs next week and then 25 the 2 following weeks (27 Jan and 3 Feb)


How should this be communicated in the OrderResponse?


Option 1:  Leave the original LineItem of our order  “as is”, and in the OrderResponse add multiple delivery lines to it?

Option 2: Add multiple new LineItems with a reference to our original LineItem? (and where do you put that?)

Option 3: Add SubLineItems under our Original LineItem with the split to the 3 deliveries.


Option 4: ???? are there other options ????


Any help/pointers/guidance is appreciated.





Kees Duvekot

IT Business Consultant



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