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Subject: SV: [ubl-dev] UBL 2.1 Invoice and Utility Statement

Hi Matja


In Denmark, the utillity Statement is already in production. It is a mandatory document when issuing documents to the public sector in Denmark.


The utility statement and the invoice are sent indenpendently from each other


In the utility statement the invoice in reffered to using the parentdocumentrefererence:



    <cbc:ID schemeAgencyID="TREFOR">22035020179</cbc:ID>



    <cbc:DocumentTypeCode listAgencyID="320" listID="urn:oioubl:codelist:responsedocumenttypecode-1.2">Invoice</cbc:DocumentTypeCode>



So the anwer is yes, it is recommended to fulfill the ordininary customer parts even when it is repeated in the invoice.


If you want to validate your UtillityStement against the Danish recommendation, you can do it here: http://www.oioubl.info/UTSvalidator/

There also exists stylesheets for mapping it into HTML.


Best regards


Peter L. Borresen



Fra: Matija Tušek [mailto:Matija.Tusek@in2.hr]
Sendt: 19. juni 2013 12:17
Til: ubl-dev@lists.oasis-open.org
Emne: [ubl-dev] UBL 2.1 Invoice and Utility Statement





I have successfully created UBL 2.1 Invoice and Utility Statement as supplement to that Invoice.


How can I extend UBL Invoice 2.1 with Utility Statement to have one master schema with Invoice and it's supplement?

-                                 - Do I need to fill parts in Utility Statement like Sender/Receiver/Copy Indicator/Issue Date/Customer etc -  because I already have them in main Invoice?

-                                  - The main part that I need from Utility Statement is -  Subscriber Consumption and I've mapped everything I needed.


The main idea is to send to our partner UBL 2.1  Invoice with Utility Statement supplement and attached invoice pdf.




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