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Subject: UBL OrderResponseCode

Dear all,

The OrderResponseCode has been added to UBL 2.1 - at least what I understand or can find about this -- some questions:

- what was / is used in UBL 2.0 to exchanges the status of the order response : rejected, accepted , accepted with amendmends ?

- what is the preferrerd listAgencyID or name and what are the listID's 
Can the UN/EDIFACT  values used in the BGM 1225 be used and what would then be the listAgencyID ?

1225=29 Accepted without amendment, Referenced message is entirely accepted. BGM/1225=29
1225=4 Change. Message containing items (e.g. line items, goods items, Customs items, equipment items) to be changed in a previously sent message. BGM/1225=4
1225=34 Accepted with amendment. The referenced message is accepted but amended.
IF NO delivery date LIN+DTM+69 is available 1225=45 Accepted with reserve. >> no delivery date known
BGM/1225=34 OR 45

kind regards
Danny Gaethofs

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