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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] LegalMonetaryTotal.LineExtensionAmount

Hi Danny

I am talking about the usage that has been agreed in CEN BII about these elements on UBL 2.1.

Here you can find the information requirement model from CEN BII
where you can find the interpretation of each information requirement

See for instance:
NameSum of line amounts
UsageSum of line amounts in the document.
An invoice must contain the sum of all line amounts. The amount must be exclusive of VAT but inclusive of allowances or charges applied to the lines as well as taxes, other than VAT.

NameDocument total without VAT
UsageThe "Sum of line amounts" plus "sum of allowances on document level" plus "sum of charges on document level".
An invoice must contain the total amount of the invoice, including document level allowances and charges but exclusive of VAT.

NameInvoice line net amount
UsageEach line in an invoice must contain the total amount of the line. The amount is “net” without VAT, i.e. inclusive of line level allowances and charges as well as relevant taxes, except VAT which must be excluded from the amount.

And here you have the mapping to UBL 2.1

 1..1 Document totals 
tir10-054 1..1 Sum of line amounts Invoice/cac:LegalMonetaryTotal/cbc:LineExtensionAmount 
tir10-057 0..1 Sum of allowances on document level Invoice/cac:LegalMonetaryTotal/cbc:AllowanceTotalAmount 
tir10-058 0..1 Sum of charges on document level Invoice/cac:LegalMonetaryTotal/cbc:ChargeTotalAmount 
tir10-055 1..1 Document total without VAT Invoice/cac:LegalMonetaryTotal/cbc:TaxExclusiveAmount

tir10-065 1..1 Invoice line net amount Invoice/cac:InvoiceLine/cbc:LineExtensionAmount 

I hope this helps

El 16/10/2013, a las 18:58, Danny Gaethofs escribió:

Are you saying that the charges and allowences on document level are not included in the LineExtensionAmount on document level ?
Is it stated somewhere ?
Danny Gaethofs

On Wednesday, October 16, 2013 6:09 PM, Oriol Bausà Peris <oriol@invinet.org> wrote:
Dear Danny,

You are right. The LegalMonetaryTotal.LineExtensionAmount is the sum of LineExtensionAmounts at line level.

The Allowances and charges from the example are document level. They have the same value, 100, and that is why the TaxExclusiveAmount equals LineExtensionAmount. TaxExclusiveAmount = LineExtensionAmount + ChargeTotalAmount - AllowanceTotalAmount.

Best regards
Oriol Bausà
El 16/10/2013, a las 12:41, Danny Gaethofs escribió:

Dear all,
Am I right when I say that the LegalMonetaryTotal.LineExtensionAmount = SUM OF THE LINE AMOUNTS
(taken from PEPPOL BIS 4A Guideline)
LineExtensionAmount = Σ LineExtensionAmount (at line level)
The amount for each line is stated in the Line Extension Amount and is defined as: The total amount for the Invoice Line, including Allowance and Charges but net of taxes.
Allowances and charges on the line are added to the LineExtensionAmount
For the calculation of the LegalMonetaryTotal.LineExtensionAmount an example is given which does not correspond with the definitions.
Am I overlooking something OR is the example really wrong ?
How is ubl using the LineExtensionAmount ?
For the sample document above these are:
Variable in calculation
Sample amounts
Sum of line amounts
Allowance/discounts on document level
Charges on document level
Invoice total amount without VAT
VAT total amount
Rounding of Invoice total
Invoice total with VAT (value of purchase)
Paid amounts
Amount due for payment
Payable amount
kind regards
Danny Gaethofs

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