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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] PartialDeliveryIndicator vs BackOrderAllowedIndicator

i am not sure the PEPPOL and APICS and other definitions contradict each other.

I think the APICS defintion is what is generally understood.  Whether that undelivered quantity is invoiced or not is a business rule.

PEPPOL have added a business rule for their community (that backorder is implied). 

On 29/10/2013, at 5:47 PM, Danny Gaethofs wrote:


Maybe it looked a bit of a strange question because these terms seem to be very logic.
PartialDeliveryIndicator = you may deliver quantities in separate shipments

BackOrderAllowedIndicator = when quantities are not available you may create a backorder

The past year I have been working on defining message translations from and to ANSI X12 messages (850, 810, 856). Some customers (large retailers) of my client in the US want to see the shipment / order status reported in invoices and shipment notices. Compare it with the segment QVR = quantity variances in EDIFACT where you must use the discrepancy code to indicate the status of the order:
CP Shipment partial - considered complete, no backorder
BP Shipment partial - back order to follow
CC Shipment complete

One of these customers told me that when they receive an invoice with a status "Shipment partial - back order to follow" they expect all quantities being invoiced incl. the quantities on backorder.

I wanted to understand clearly what is understood with the term backorder allowed.

I searched for a definition in EDIFACT, ANXI X12, UBL, CXML  and CEN/BII for a clear definition and I wanted to validate the statement of the US customer.
While I am putting on paper the message translations from and to UBL 2.1, I stumbled on the definition giving by PEPPOL BIS 3A Guideline paraf 2.17 which says:

Processes around backordering of items is specific to type of items and industry. The rules are usually stated in contracts or known informally among the parties. In core order the Partial Delivery indicator is used to indicate the default behavior to be expected.

false – if the supplier fulfils the order partially the outstanding items are not placed on backorder and the rest of the order is cancelled.

true – the order can be delivered partially and the rest can be delivered later and possibly placed on backorder.
Backorder is indicated by delivering partially and invoicing the full number of items ordered. If the invoice covers only delivered items, it indicates that the rest of the order is to be cancelled.

[<< Seems that the PEPPOL understanding of BACKORDER is that you deliver partially BUT invoice all items ordered with the first shipment ! Are they giving a new definition to BACKORDER ? and it looks to me you need the BackOrderAllowedIndicator (which they do not use in the guideline) - so they implicitly understand from the PartialDeliveryIndicator that the supplier may invoice the full quantities whether or not available in the shipment. ]

What am I missing here - is there anywhere a decent description (EDIFACT, ANSI X12, UBL, ...) about the usage of both indicators especially the term BACKORDER.

Note: backorder in APICS means '
A backorder is simply a promise to deliver the product at a later date when it is more readily available, usually when capacity begins to catch up with diminishing demand.  '

Kind regards
Danny Gaethofs

On Tuesday, October 29, 2013 2:53 AM, Tim McGrath <tim.mcgrath@documentengineeringservices.com> wrote:
Sorry i missed the first part..
for your first requirement the PartialDeliveryIndicator is positive and the BackOrderAllowedIndicator is positive.
and for your second requirement the PartialDeliveryIndicator is positive and the BackOrderAllowedIndicator is negative.

On 29/10/2013, at 9:17 AM, Tim McGrath wrote:

my interpretation is that these work independently.

so for your requirement the PartialDeliveryIndicator is positive and the BackOrderAllowedIndicator is negative.

On 28/10/2013, at 6:15 PM, Danny Gaethofs wrote:

Dear all,

When and how should these indicators be used in the Line Item Delivery ?

Suppose that I allow my supplier to ship all quantities of an item  that are available on the requested data and ship the remaining quantities on a later date a, what values should these indicators have in my purchase order ?

What if I want my supplier to ship what is available on the requested data and cancel the remaining part ?





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