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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] WayBill - Commodities Quality Test - How to represent

i suspect the attributes you require may vary within one shipment so the GoodsItem is a more approproate level to define this.
i think what is best would be the Goodsitem -> Measurement_Dimension.  This is useful for properties not covered by the common weights and measurements.  You can specify humidity, dockage, etc as AttributeIDs (and descriptions) and then the values as the Measure of those.

Would that work for you?

On 14/11/2013, at 11:03 AM, Carlos Martin wrote:

Hi Everyone,
i need help to know if UBL support Quality tests like Humity,Dockage,Form Material and other.
Supose that i loading a barge or a vessel and I want to send with the good the information of quality test that someone has taken in the port.
Is there an item that represent this information, realted with the commodity that I´m sending in the barge or the vessel?
Is there this information inside the Shipment type?
What is the better way of work with that in ubl?
thanks and regards,


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