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Subject: SV: [ubl-dev] Orders with a different delivery address then the final customer.

Hi Kees


I have experienced the same problem, but from an different angle.


Some of my customers are seeking for a name on the delivery address, and since there where no delivery party on the DeliveryTransportEvent, we used the contact info for this. Not exactly a good solution.


What is the relationship between the DeliveryParty and Final delivery party? If you could rephrase the DeliveryParty to be the orignatorCustomerParty and use multiple deliveries then you can specify a deliveryParty for each delivery (delivery first). This solution lacks the link to the package (except that Delivery contains TraceID)


Another solution (package first)  is to use a single Delivery and use the shipment / consignment / transporthandlingunit/ package class and use the delivery here with the delivery/ delivery Party here. The delivery party could also be seen as the consignee for the consignment.


There are many other ways to specify it, eg. using the TransportEvent as we have done, or user the FinalDeliveryParty for the whole consignment, (one package pr. Consignment). Actual I see this as a problem for the interoperability that there are so many way to specify it.


Best regards


Peter L. Borresen


Fra: Duvekot, Kees [mailto:kduvekot@Wehkamp.nl]
Sendt: 19. april 2017 15:05
Til: ubl-dev@lists.oasis-open.org
Emne: [ubl-dev] Orders with a different delivery address then the final customer.


Dear UBL people ,


I have a questions about the Order document and how to use it in specific situation.


We have the following use case:


We would like to order various items from a supplier. And we want the supplier to package the items already together and label them for the final end customer that is going to receive the goods. (ie CrossDock or some similar name)

However the supplier should not deliver those packaged goods directly to the final end customer, but to a different location from where we will arrange the transportation to the final end customer.


In an ascii diagram it looks like this:




                  order(s)        |                  |                                                                                  

           +----------------------|   BuyerParty     |                                                                                  

           |                      |                  |                                                                                  

           |                      +------------------+             +------------------+                                                 

           |                                           individual  |                  |                                                 

           |                                    +------------------>Final End Customer|                                                 

           |                                    |       packages   |                  |                                                  

           |                                    |                  +------------------+                                                 

           |                                    |                                                                                        

  +--------v--------+             +-------------|----+             +------------------+                                                 

  |                 |   grouped   |                  | individual  |                  |                                                 

  | SupplierParty   -------------->  DeliveryParty   -------------->Final End Customer|                                                 

  |                 |  packages   |                  |  packages   |                  |                                                 

  +-----------------+             +-------------|----+             +------------------+                                                 


                                                |                  +------------------+                                                 

                                                |      individual  |                  |                                                 

                                                +------------------>Final End Customer|                                                 

                                                        packages   |                  |                                                 




      ---------------------------------     ----------------------------------------                                                    

         Supplier arranges transport            Buyer arranges transport                                                                 




So what should we put in the UBL Order document between the BuyerParty and the SupplierParty to achieve this?


I think we should send a separate order per Final End Customer so that the Supplier knows which lines should be group together in a single package.

The DeliveryParty in the UBL Order document (maindoc:Order\cac:Delivery\cac:DeliveryParty) should point to the location/ID etc where that package should be delivered to.


But where do I specify the address details for the Final End Customer that should be printed on the packages?


Within UBL there exists and element called cac:FinalDeliveryParty, but that is only available under the cac:Consignment element .. but that means “burring” it very deep into the delivery element:



That does not look like an ideal situation to put it all the way there …

So what other suggestions are there?


Kees Duvekot







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