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Subject: InvoiceLine Item Category

I sent this question to the http://ubl.xml.org/forum/invoiceline-item-category forum and was redirected here.
 I am researching information on UBL to introduce it in my organisation.
 I noticed that the InvoiceType can contain one-or-many InvoiceLine which are associated with an Item.
In my organisation, invoices contain invoice lines too. However, invoice lines are grouped by their item category. The category name is a subheader before each invoice line group whose items are part of the same category. Categories are like "Services", "Software licences", "Subscriptions", "Network hardware", "Server hardware", etc.
Invoice 1234
* Invoice Line 1 - Item: yearly subscription ABC $100
* Invoice Line 2 - Item: yearly subscription XYZ $50
---> Subscriptions subtotal = $150
Software licences
* Invoice Line 3 - Item: 50 seats licence for software A $50
* Invoice Line 4 - Item: 4 CPU licence for software B $10
---> Software licences subtotal = $60
---> Payable amount =$210
How would you define these categories?
Would it be an InvoiceLine and each invoice line would be in a SubInvoiceLine?
If so, the structure would be:
|--------------> InvoiceLine (for the 1st category)
                      |--------> Item (for the 1st category name)
                      |--------> SubInvoiceLine (for the 1st real line)
                                     |--------> Item (for the 1st real line item)
                      |--------> SubInvoiceLine (for the 2nd real line)
                                     |--------> Item (for the 2nd real line item)
What do you think?

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