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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] The meaning of the currency fields in an invoice

Top-level currency code BBIEs are helpful when printing UBL documents. Often there is such a value exposed on the page indicating the currency.

I wouldn't expect anyone to override an amount's currency attribute with a top-level currency code in its stead.

I think it is merely a convenience for the document reader, and my first thought is that I would agree they could be ignored by a processing system when reading the document. But if the processing system is tied to a single currency it would be a courtesy to reflect it when creating the document.

I think the use of the word "default" in the definition of, say, "Invoice. Document_ Currency Code. Code" could be misleading, as there are no amounts with absent currency indications.

I could imagine a user community stating that the top-level coded value reflect the value used in the monetary totals, though, again, it would be only as a convenience for the recipient.

An interesting observation, David, thank you.

. . . . . Ken

At 2018-12-12 13:02 +0000, David Goodenough wrote:

On a paper invoice it is not uncommon to find unqualified numbers, no units or denominations and the reader has to guess what they mean. This leads to confusion and is a Bad Thing(TM).

In UBL, quite correctly, all numbers that are not simply counts have units/denominations, so we always know what they mean. And for the avoidance of doubt the currencyID in an Amount object is required. And the list from which these currencyIDs are drawn is defined in the Amount object definition as being UN/ECE Rec9.

Even the PaymentMeans/PayeeFinancialAccount has a currency code built into it so we know what currency the payment should be made in.

So what would it mean if any of the ???CurrencyCode fields in an Invoice were set. If they are the same as the relevant Amount/currencyId values then they are at best redundant, but what would/could it mean is they were different? And if they were different which has priority?

In short, I suppose what I am asking is if these ???CurrencyCode fields have any possible meaning and if not if they should simply be not specified when building UBL objects and ignored when reading them.


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