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Subject: Urgent clarification regarding enveloped signature

Hi all!

I was Reading documentation regarding digital signature in this link http://docs.oasis-open.org/ubl/os-UBL-2.1/UBL-2.1.html#S-UBL-DIGITAL-SIGNATURES

In chapter The Extension Metadata it seems element <ext:ExtensionURI> with value âurn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:dsig:envelopedâ is mandatory.

In chapter The Signature Information itâs used an example without <ext:ExtensionURI>.

In chapter A Signature Skeleton itâs used another example without <ext:ExtensionURI>.

In chapter 5.4 Digital Signature Examples itâs used another example without <ext:ExtensionURI>.

In chapter 6.2 Digital Signature Conformance itâs mentioned that âClaiming syntax conformance to the enveloped signature profile of UBL 2.1 requires (â) the <ext:Extension> element is present in the UBL extension and has either urn:âoasis:ânames:âspecification:âubl:âdsig:âenveloped or urn:âoasis:ânames:âspecification:âubl:âdsig:âenveloped:âxades as its valueâ.


My doubts:

If <ext:ExtensionURI> is mandatory, was it forgotten in the examples? Are the examples right?


If for conformance reason <ext:Extension> is required to have a value why is it never mentioned?

Is it a mistake and you really mean that <ext:ExtensionURI> is required to have a value?

Are you considering that <ext:ExtensionURI> value is <ext:Extension> value?


Please accept my apologies if this is just a misunderstanding from my part due to English not being my native language.

Best regards

Pedro Fernandes
DireÃÃo de Sistemas de InformaÃÃo

AdP Servicos

Rua Visconde de Seabra 3 | 1700-421 Lisboa | Tel: 212 469 549 (10549) | Fax: 212 469 541 | http://www.adp.pt


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