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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] FW: Urgent clarification regarding enveloped signature

Hi Pedro,
thank you for the feedback.
The guess you had an error because I sent you the first reply with a wrong email, now everything should be fine.
I also thank you for spotting the errors, i am just updating that section because the references are quite old now but - technically - there is no substantial change.

I suggest you consider EN 319 131-1 baseline signatures as reference. Should you find any issue any feedback is welcome!


Il giorno 7 giu 2019, alle ore 11:25, Pedro Fernandes <pedro.fernandes@ADP.PT> ha scritto:

Hi Andrea!

Thank you for your really fast answer, that was really helpful.

I sent a thank you email before but, for some reason, I got several bad delivery feedbacks (just got another one).

Your quick answer was very appreciated and I want to make sure you know it.

Best regards

Pedro Fernandes
DireÃÃo de Sistemas de InformaÃÃo


Rua Visconde de Seabra 3 | 1700-421 Lisboa | Tel: 212 469 549 (10549) | Fax: 212 469 541 | http://www.adp.pt

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