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Subject: RE: [ubl-fssc] FSSC Committee name change request

At 2003-03-02 08:53 -0800, Probert, Sue wrote:
>Either sounds good.
>How about Forms Interface SC as another possibility?

I'm not fond of that myself because of the connotations on "Interface" ... 
in my proposed scope I'm focusing on the fact that all we are doing is 
specifying presentation and layout.

The actual interfaces that meet those presentations and layouts will be up 
to the respective technologies that use our work products as guidelines.  I 
would be worried that using "Interface" in the title would connote too much 
about the physical implementations of the layouts.

If you can accept my argument, then that leaves us with the two:

    FPSC - Forms Presentation Subcommittee
    FLSC - Forms Layout Subcommittee

Euphoniously (which started this thread) I think the first one rolls off 
the tongue more easily, but am really ambivalent between the two and will 
accept anyone else's preference for the latter.

Dan, you used the term "Forms" in one of your posts as just a standalone 
name, can you accept either of the ones above?  Again I'm trying to 
underscore that as a committeee we are focusing on presentation and layout, 
not implementation.

If I hear no further opinions or suggestions before 2003-03-05 00:00UTC 
then I'll submit FPSC to Jon for consideration.


.............. Ken

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