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Subject: RE: [ubl-fssc] Latest draft FPSC charter

At 2003-03-17 05:17 -0800, Probert, Sue wrote:
>I think I have spotted a
>small change that is still required - apologies for not having spotted this
>the business semantics come from the LCSC not the NDRSC. so perhaps it
>could be amended to read:
>Technical liaison:
>     Liaison with the UBL Library Content subcommittee (for
>     the business semantics and for sample instances) will be critically
>     important to the understanding of the information being
>     presented.
>Does this make sense?

Thank you for the clarification, Sue ... I have amended my copy 
accordingly.  I am still unable to access the OASIS web site due to the 
system migration, but will update that copy as soon as I can.

.............. Ken

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