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ubl-itlsc message

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Subject: UBL ITLSC formed

Hello ITLSC,

Please see below for the message from OASIS notifying us of the
creation of the ITLSC web page and mailing list.  Some things to
note here:

 - The URL given in the message below is for the *private* OASIS
   subcommittee page.  This page is visible only to OASIS members
   and requires a password for access.  This is the same password
   you use to access other features of the OASIS interface; if you
   have any questions about it, contact Scott McGrath (copied on
   this message).  This is the page that the co-chairs use to
   manage the subcommittee (for example, to add people as

 - The *public* ITLSC page uses the URL that I included in my
   recent message announcing the formation of the subcommittee.
   This page is visible to everyone and shows the two co-chairs.

 - Mail (such as this) to the ITLSC list is archived at


   Note that this is a *publicly visible* archive.

 - OASIS should have some materials on how to manage the kavi
   interface (kavi is the software used to run the web site and
   mail list).  Ram Kumar (copied on this message) should be able
   to provide this.  If no materials are available, we will have
   to schedule a tutorial session, but really OASIS should be able
   to handle it.

 - Once you have learned how to manage the web page, you should
   put up a description (in Italian) for the benefit of people
   interested in your work.

Welcome to the UBL effort!



Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 05:50:07 +1000
From: Ram Kumar <ram.kumar@oasis-open.org>
Subject: UBL ITLSC formed
To: jon.bosak@sun.com
Cc: oasisnews-editor@oasis-open.org, Jamie Clark <jamie.clark@oasis-open.org>,
        Mary McRae <mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org>

Dear Jon,

Your subcommittee has been established under the abbreviation


By default the subcommittee has all of the rule & database
attributes of a TC -- voting members, observers, a mailing list,
its own members-only page, document repository, etc.  I added the
two co-chairs as the only initial members.

SC membership (or observer status) will be open to UBL TC members
by subscription on their own, using links on the UBL TC's or the
SC's home page.  Also, or any of you three, as SC officers, can
add them using your administrative access to the new SC roster
page (where an "Add Members" link will appear for you).

I have not announced the availability of the list by a posting to
the UBL TC main list, but suggest that you do so.

Best regards, and warm wishes for a successful project.   

Ram Kumar
Manager - Technical Committee Development
Post Office Box 455
Billerica,MA 0821
+61 412 758 025 (Direct)
+ 1 978 667 5115 (OASIS HQ)
+ 1 978 667 5114 (Fax)
"Advancing e-Business Standards Since 1993"

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