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Subject: Draft of UBL 1.0 IDD, Second Edition

Hello UBL TC,

The UBL ITLSC under the direction of Roberto Cisternino has
revised the UBL 1.0 International Data Dictionary to add Italian
to the already existing Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese,
Japanese, Korean, and Spanish translations of the UBL 1.0 business
terms and definitions.  You can see the ITLSC's work at


This gives us the draft of a Second Edition to follow the first,
which was released as an OASIS Committee Draft (what we're now
calling a Committee Specification) in April 2005.

The next step on the way to releasing the Second Edition as a
Committee Specification is a public review, and for that we need
to approve the revised document as a CD.  I intend to put this to
a ballot next week.  In the meantime, please review the document
and let us know if you see anything that needs fixing before
putting this before the public.


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