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Subject: Italian IDD Errata

I just realized there could be an error on my italian translation for the self-billed invoice and self-billed credit note.

The specification says:
Self Billing (also known as billing on receipt)

4.6.1. Billing Business Rules Assumed

       Invoice after return of Receipt Advice

By reading the above I understand the self-invoice is sent after return of Receipt Advice.  Does self-invoice means here automatic-invoice or are there any substitution term to let me understand ?
In Italy (and Europe I think) the self-invoice indicates an invoice issued to yourself. This is the case generated e.g. by double-imposition bilateral agreements between countries like Italy and USA or Italy and Canada.  As a sample if an US trainer delivers some courses in Italy at the end of the service (or payment time) the italian Customer will have to issue an invoice to himself with the amount of the VAT due (reverse charge).  This is necessary because VAT is due as the goods/service are consumed in Italy, but VAT cannot be payed by the US Trainer.

At this point I am confused as I am not sure what self-billed invoice/credit note really means.

Does anyone can please clarify this to me ?

Thank you in advance


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