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Subject: Re: [ubl-itlsc] UBL Localization Subcommittee reports due

Dear Jon

as you probably known this is a period in Italy of holidays, all the
activities are stopped (I am answering from my home).  
The two chairs of the committee (Brutti and Cisternino) are having their
holidays and are expected to come back at the end of August.

I can anticipate that the committee is collaborating with CNIPA (a national
technical support for the government about ICT for the public
administration) about the electronic invoice that should become mandatory
in the public procurement in the next months (hopefully).

Thanks to this work UBL has been promoted and receives an high attention as
possible candidate for the national invoice, against other possible solutions.
In particular, very intensive activity was made until end of July in order
to define a profile of use for the invoice that is able to map the national
government requirements into the UBL structure.  
The activities were succesful and we are optimistic about the next decisions.

Nevertheless, if you need an official report from the committee I think we
need to wait until the chairs come back.  
This is only an anticipation to confirm you that the committee is working
and with a good impact in the national field.

Best regards

Piero De Sabbata

At 22.34 12/08/2009 -0400, Jon Bosak wrote:
>Hello UBL Localization Subcommittees,
>In preparation for the UBL TC Plenary meeting Monday 17 August in
>Montréal, please send brief status reports on your current
>activities, if any.  If we don't receive a status report, we will
>assume that your subcommittee has ceased to operate and will begin
>to look for new membership in preparation for UBL 2.1.
>Best regards,
>Jon Bosak
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