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Subject: Korean UBL translation

People following the OASIS UBL effort will recall that UBL
subcommittees are in the process of translating the UBL 1.0 data
definitions into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.  When
complete, these four translations (together with the original
English) will make the UBL element and attribute names
understandable to more than two-thirds of the world's current
online population.

A translation of the UBL definitions into Japanese was announced
on these lists 23 July 2004.  I am pleased to inform you that the
UBL Korean Localization Subcommittee (KRLSC) has now released the
first draft of their translation, which can be found at


The KRLSC invites speakers of Korean to comment upon their work.
Please send all comments and questions regarding the translation
to KRLSC co-chair Jason Lee (jason@kcals.or.kr) and KRLSC member
Sunho Kim (shk@mju.ac.kr).

Jon Bosak

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