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Subject: Fwd: Re: Kavi problems for UBL JPLSC?

This is one of several messages circulated among the l10n chairs
before the formation of the l10n list.  It is being sent now in
order to place it in the l10n archive.  No response is necessary.



Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 11:36:18 -0800 (PST)
From: jon.bosak@sun.com
To: n.ito@ea-eca.org, y-saito@ecom.jp, kcyee@cecid.hku.hk, zb02@cnis.gov.cn,
        jason@kcals.or.kr, ksh@ccmail.sookmyung.ac.kr,
        tmcgrath@portcomm.com.au, jamie.clark@oasis-open.org,
        anne.hendry@sun.com, bill.meadows@sun.com
Subject: Fwd: Re: Kavi problems for UBL JPLSC?

Chinese and Korean Localization SC chairs,

For your information, please see correspondence below between Karl
Best and the JPLSC (forwarded by permission).


Correspondents: Please be aware that I am traveling in Europe
19 January through 6 February and will therefore be slow in
accessing and responding to email.

Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 14:30:54 -0500
From: "Karl F. Best" <karl.best@oasis-open.org>
To: Noboru Itoh <NItoh@ariba.com>
CC: Jon Bosak <Jon.Bosak@sun.com>, Jeff Lomas <Jeff.Lomas@oasis-open.org>,
        okabe <okabe@sunbridge.com>, "'y-saito@ecom.jp'" <y-saito@ecom.jp>,
        "'y.minoura@ea-eca.org'" <y.minoura@ea-eca.org>,
        "'s.ohhara@ea-eca.org'" <s.ohhara@ea-eca.org>,
        "'patrick.gannon@oasis-open.org'" <patrick.gannon@oasis-open.org>
Subject: Re: Kavi problems for UBL JPLSC?


Thank you for your feedback on this issue.

The problem shown on the first page of the PDF appears to be that the 
editing field is not properly displaying the Japanese characters. 
Obviously this is being stored correctly in the database, as the SC's 
web page displays correctly. While not convenient, a workaround will be 
to copy and paste the text from the web page into the editing field when 
you want to do edits. Jeff and I will be meeting with the heads of the 
Kavi company next week and will bring this problem to their attention.

The problem on pages 2 through 5 seems to be that the document 
repository is not storing double-byte filenames correctly. Jeff has 
looked at the files themselves, and these appear to be fine once he 
changes the filename to include the propoer extension. We will also 
bring this to the attention of the Kavi people. The quickest workaround 
is for you to distribute documents to the members of the SC by attaching 
the documents to messages sent to the email list. The files will also be 
accessible to the public via the email list archives, and each message 
in the archive has a URL so it will easy to point people to the 
documents. Jeff is also starting work on a CVS repository for use of our 
TCs that will replace the Kavi doc repository; he hopes to have 
something in place in the next couple of weeks.

We're sorry that the Kavi system hasn't worked out as well as we hoped; 
yours is the first committee or subcommittee working in a langauge that 
uses double-byte characters, so it is not surprising that there would be 
some sort of problems discovered. I'm confident that we can find ways to 
make this work for you in the short term, and we are working to provide 
a better long-term solution. As we discussed during your visit, though, 
we need to keep the operations of the JPLSC on the OASIS server.

Please notify us imediately as you discover any other problems so that 
we can begin efforts to fix them.


Noboru Itoh wrote:
> Hello, Karl.
> I don't complete the check of all functions yet, but I found out some
> problems on KAVI system.
> Please see the attachment file.
> I guess all problems are caused by CJK characters handling.
> case1:Group notes (edit mode)
>       I can't edit the notes, because Japanese characters aren't displayed
> correctly.
> case2:Mailing List
>       There are 2 issues in this program.
>       a) KAVI's automatically message system -> see the 3rd case
>       b) The title which was written in Japanese isn't displayed correctly.
>          If I change the encoding, it will be displayed correctly.
>          However, I don't like to carry out this operation each time.
> case3:KAVI's automatically message system
>       When we upload a new file onto KAVI system, KAVI sends a message
> automatically.
>       But, if the file name is written in Japanese, the message isn't
> displayed correctly.
> case4:Japanese file name
>       It isn't displayed correctly.
> case5:modify the description of upload files
>       When we describe in Japanese, it will be displayed correctly.
>       But when we want to modify the description, it isn't displayed
> correctly.
> I will send you another email later.
> It defines the role and function of Japanese Web site.
> Of course I talked with Okabe-san about this.
> Thanks.
> Noboru Itoh (EA-ECA)
> JPLSC chair.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Karl F. Best [mailto:karl.best@oasis-open.org]
> Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2004 5:40 AM
> To: nitoh@ariba.com; y-saito@ecom.jp
> Cc: Jon Bosak; Jeff Lomas; okabe
> Subject: Kavi problems for UBL JPLSC?
> Itoh-san, Saito-san:
> Jon Bosak has reported to me that the JPLSC is experiencing problems 
> with the Kavi functionality on the OASIS web server. Could you please 
> provide me with specifics of the problem so that we can make attempts to 
> fix this?
> Apparently Kavi is not handling Japanese characters correctly?
> -Karl

Karl F. Best
Vice President, OASIS
office  +1 978.667.5115 x206     mobile +1 978.761.1648
karl.best@oasis-open.org      http://www.oasis-open.org

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