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Subject: Fwd: Re: UBL Pacific coordination call 9|10 February 2004

This is one of several messages circulated among the l10n chairs
before the formation of the l10n list.  It is being sent now in
order to place it in the l10n archive.  No response is necessary.



Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 11:21:44 +0800
From: Tim McGrath <tmcgrath@portcomm.com.au>
To: Yukinori Saito <y-saito@ecom.jp>
CC: bill.meadows@sun.com, anne.hendry@sun.com, jamie.clark@oasis-open.org,
        ksh@ccmail.sookmyung.ac.kr, jason@kcals.or.kr, zb02@cnis.gov.cn,
        kcyee@cecid.hku.hk, n.ito@ea-eca.org, jon.bosak@sun.com,
        BP-ATF <BP-atf@ecom.jp>
Subject: Re: UBL Pacific coordination call 9|10 February 2004

Many thanks for your knowledgable work on translating the UBL library.

In answer to your two questions

>(1) What is difference between LineItem and Item?
>the BasePrice is formed under LineItem and Item.
>What kind of usage do you assume about both the BasePrice under LineItem and
>the BasePrice under Item?

Firstly, BasePrice is a structure that defines the starting pricing
scheme for an Item. Another term may be Gross Price (but that is not
strictly correct).

In many cases an Item will have a BasePrice that carries directly onto
the Invoice. However, it may be the base that whilst an Item has one
BasePrice it may also wish to apply a different price to certain
transactions - possibly based on contracts or other arrangements. In
this case the BasePrice is associated with the LineItem for a particular

Another situation is where an Item will have a set of BasePrices (e.g.
based on different quantities). It is only when a quantity is Ordered
(or Invoiced) that we know which one of the BasePrices apply to this
transaction. So the cardinality of BasePrice within Item is none or
many(0..n) and in LineItem the cardinality of BasePrice is one or

>(2) Is 'AllowanceCharge' suitable UBL Name?
>We thought that the 'AllowanceCharge' had better to be changed to
>'PaymentTerms' according to the contents of AllowanceCharge.
The UBL Library Content team has also struggled with the name for this
ABIE - but unfortuantely we cannot use Payment Terms.

Unfortunately, in English, PaymentTerms means the terms and conditions
by which payment should be made. For example, "pay within 30 days",
"additional fees apply if not paid within 60 days of delivery", etc. UBL
already has an ABIE called Payment Terms (we use it in the Invoice

The meaning of AllowanceCharge is to denote alterations to the pricing
for an Item, Delivery or transaction. So an Item may have a BasePrice
adjusted by allowances (that reduce the amount) and Charges (that
increase the amount).

I agree we need to work on the definitions for both of these two ABIEs.

This is also valuable input into the controlled vocabulry that we are
now developing. It is helpful to see how meanings translate to see where
they are not clear.

Finally, I was curious about the structure you chose for your
spreadsheet models of UBL documents. You have actually created a single
document assembly model of a UBL Order, indicating nesting. That is, a
tree-like diagram within the spreadsheet format.

We have not done this in other UBL models. Our convention has been to
have a single ABIE (or 'root') for each document type and this refers to
a common model of re-usable ABIEs. The difference between the two makes
it hard for comparing and aligning and also means that any UBL schema
generation tools cannot be used on your translated models. I attach a
copy of the translation of a fragment of the UBL model done by Ptrick
Yee of the CNLSC to show the difference in approach.

tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160


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