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Subject: Re: [ubl-l10n] Additional questions and comments regarding AllowanceCharge

my apologies for not replying sooner. i hope this answers your questions.

feel free to ask again of they don't!

Yukinori Saito wrote:

>2. Regarding AllowanceCharge
>We understood that the meaning of AllowanceCharge is the allowance (that
>reduce the amount) and Charges (that increase the amount). The
>AllowanceCharge is not merely payment terms.
>The followings are the additional questions and comments.
>(1) Is the amount of AllowanceCharge the PaidAmount under Payment under
The PaidAmount can be any value - but typically it would cover the
Amount of the AllowanceCharge

>(2) If yes, we think that the PaidAmount should be placed under
>AllowanceCharge directly. We think the structure, that the PaidAmount is
>located under PaymentMeans, is a little bit strange or difficult to
i am not sure of why this eveolved this way, but i suspect we anticipate
someone specifying a payment means without any actual payment.

>(3) We think that PaymentMeans should be independent to AllowanceCharge.
>The PaymentMeans should be located under several amounts (e.g.
>LineExtensionTotalAmount, LineExrtensionAmount, PriceAmount, PaidAmount)
PaymentMeans can apply to the whole Invoice, to individual
AllowanceCharges that apply the whole Invoice or to specific
AllowanceCharges for each LineItem.

We do not separate LineExtensionTotalAmount, but i think you may be able
to do so by using an AllowanceCharge.ID to denote this.

tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160

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