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Subject: Change of time for today's localization plenary

Hello Localization SCs,

We're moving the plenary call previously scheduled to begin at
15h00 in California to 16h00, one hour later.  This means that the
meeting will begin at 08h00 Thursday morning in Beijing, Hong
Kong, Singapore, and Perth, and 09h00 in Tokyo and Seoul.  The
number, as usual, is:

   U.S. domestic toll-free number: (866)839-8145
   Int. access/caller paid number: (865)524-6352
   Access code: 5705229#

The basic purposes of this meeting are to obtain status reports
regarding comments received on the translation drafts and to agree
on a schedule for publication of the translated spreadsheets as
OASIS Committee Drafts.  If you cannot attend in person, please
send a brief status report in advance of the meeting.

I will be proposing that we aim to have all current translation
efforts finished by the middle of December.  I will also suggest
the idea that we might create a master international UBL data
dictionary by combining the translated spreadsheets into a single
document that could be published as a single Committee Draft;
please come prepared to discuss this idea.


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