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Subject: Test of multilingual data dictionary

Hello UBL Localization Chairs,

In the Santa Clara UBL meeting, I committed to attempting to
produce a single data dictionary that would contain all the UBL
terms and translated definitions.  Constructing such a dictionary
would have the following benefits:

 - Allow us to track a single document through Committee Draft

 - Enable Q/A by directly comparing the versions created by the
   different localization subcommittees

 - Enable the assignment of persistent identifiers (OASIS
   Published Subject Identifiers) to each definition

As an exercise, I spent a long train trip putting the current
translations of UBL-Reusable-1.0.xls into a single spreadsheet,
which I have appended below.  Please note that this is just a
test; it should not be used as the basis for any of the actual
translation work.  I am sharing it with you for your information
and to give us an example for further discussion.

As a side effect of this exercise, I was able to identify a number
of differences between the UBL 1.0 Standard version of
UBL-Reusable-1.0.xls and the UBL Names, Dictionary Entry Names,
and English Definitions in the translated versions of this
speadsheet.  I have listed these differences in a separate
message.  Note that I have not yet attempted this comparison for
the eight document spreadsheets.

We need to decide how to move forward with this.  So I must ask
the LSC chairs: would you prefer to coordinate by email on this
ubl-l10n list, or should we coordinate using the Pacific TC phone
calls?  If we coordinate by email, I will need you to commit to
timely responses; this may require you to appoint someone familiar
with English to monitor this list and respond to questions and



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