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Subject: Re: [ubl-l10n] Differences in translations of UBL-Reusable-1.0.xls


| By the way, in the procedure of my checking and revising work, I
| have one question regarding UBL English Definitions.  Some
| definitions have period at the end like complete English
| sentence. But, some definitions don't have period at the
| end. These are inconsistency. How can I understand this
| phenomenon? Are these some bags?

Yes, these are bugs.  I intend to fix these and other "editorial"
problems with the definitions in 1.1, or maybe even in a 1.0.1 bug
fix release.

This is a good reason for putting all the dictionaries into one
master spreadsheet, by the way.  I can make editorial changes to
the document simply by pasting in a revised set of English
definitions (as long as such revisions won't affect the
translations, as in this case).

What do you think about my question regarding the use of email for
translation coordination rather than phone conferences?


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