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Subject: Revised UBL data dictionary

Hello UBL TC and localization subcommittees,

Attached is a revised draft of the UBL data dictionary that
includes corrections to the Korean translation and incorporates a
number of minor editorial changes, viz.:

 - First character of each English and Spanish definition is

 - All English and Spanish definitions end with a period (full

 - Many misplaced periods (full stops) have been corrected

 - Where noticed, some occurrences of "id" and "Id" have been
   replaced by "ID"

 - Multiple spaces in English and Spanish have been reduced to
   single spaces

 - Names of the UBL documents (Despatch Advice, etc.) have been

I did not attempt to fix grammar or the capitalization of element
names below the document level; there's a lot of work left here
for UBL 1.1.

We are now ready to start the process that will lead to issuing
the UBLDD as an OASIS CD.  The schedule we laid out for
publication in January looks like this:

   2005.02.15: Pick this up again in the Pacific TC call,
   hoping that the missing Korean revisions are in by then;
   begin HTML transformation and PSI generation

   2005.03.15: Try to sign off on a complete CD candidate
   (noting the missing Korean corrections as "known issues" if

   2005.03.21: Begin CD balloting

   2005.03.28: End CD balloting

   April 2005: Public review of the MLDD CD

   May 2005: Resolve comments received during review, using the
   Hangzhou UBL TC meeting to work on this

   June 2005: Reballot the CD and release it as a CD

We're a little behind with the first step, but not by much; we
should be able to catch up to the second milestone if everyone
makes it a priority to review the attached and get back to me in
the next few days with any corrections or formatting suggestions.
In the meantime, I will consult with Ken Holman on how best to
execute on our plan to implement Published Subject Identifiers:


Localization subcommittees: Please make it a priority to look over
your entries once again to make sure that all your changes have
been made and that I haven't created any problems with my edits.



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