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Subject: Re: [ubl-jplsc] Re: [ubl-l10n] Preparing the UBL 2.0 International DataDictionary

Hello Saito-san,

My apologies for the delay -- it has taken me some time to catch
up after returning to work.

| (2) Some questions
| (a) Countermeasures to the comments from JPLSC
| As you know, I have submitted our JPLSC's comments regarding UBL
| 2.0 named "Comments to UBL 2.0 by UBL JPLSC" on September 22,
| 2007. I think that the countermeasures or dispositions are not
| done perfectly yet.  I want to revise the JPLSC translation if
| possible, after all countermeasures or dispositions will be
| finished and the revised UBL 2.n will be finished. Because, we
| (JPLSC) want to revise the JPLSC translation at a time.
| Is it possible to revise the JPLSC translation at a time?

All comments from JPLSC were reviewed, and as a result, many
changes were made to the UBL 2.0 definitions.  Those changes were
included in the recently released UBL 2.0 Update Package:


I'm sure I speak for the entire TC in thanking JPLSC for their
work in reviewing UBL 2.0.  The resulting changes have
substantially improved the clarity of a number of the
definitions.  I'm equally sure that further refinements can be
made in this area, but with release of the Update Package, we have
gone as far as we can with UBL 2.0.  Your review of UBL 2.1 will
be very welcome when the first spreadsheets are released later
this year.

Those new spreadsheets will be a focus of the next UBL TC meeting,
which will take place in August.  So these next couple of months
are the time to finish the data dictionary for 2.0.  I will have
more to say about this in another message.


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