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Subject: Re: Preparing the UBL 2.0 International Data Dictionary

Hello IDD chairs,

We have confirmed that the following versions of the Spanish,
Italian, and Japanese translations are the current ones:




There is another complete translation for the Slovak language, but
I have not yet been able to confirm the existence of a team that
could take responsibility for updating it.  We shall therefore
begin the update process for the three translations above and add
Slovak later, along with the translations into Chinese, Korean,
and German.

The next step is for Roberto to prepare and distribute revised
spreadsheets based on the versions above.  These revised
spreadsheets will contain all corrections made to the English
version in the UBL 2.0 Update Package and will highlight the
translated definitions that must be revised before we can release
the translations for formal public review.

I would ask Roberto and everyone involved in this project to use
the ubl-l10n mail list for any correspondence on this subject and
to use the ubl-l10n archive for spreadsheets and any other
documents related to the project.  Revisions should be sent to
this list, and I will take responsibility for uploading them to
the l10n archive.

Please use this format for naming zip files:


where NN is a revision number and AA is the language code.  The
entries for Spanish and Italian above show this format.  (The
letters "prd" stand for "public review draft.")  We need to use
short file names in order to keep URLs to a reasonable length when
the public review is announced.

I would like each team, as soon as possible, to mail to this list
an estimate of when they expect to finish the update.  It would be
best if we could have public review completed before the first
drafts of UBL 2.1 become available.  The next UBL TC meeting will
be held 4-8 August, so it would be convenient to have drafts for
public review available to be announced by then.


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