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Subject: OASIS TC - Status of UBL Library Content SC Members

UBL Library Content SC Chair,

These Prospective Members are eligible to have their role changed from Prospective Member to Member.  The reason for eligibility is listed next to each person's name.  To change a member's role, go to http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ubl/ubl-lcsc/members/roster.php

* Martin Burns  (probationary period over, probationary period over, probationary period over)
* Hiroshi Naito  (probationary period over, probationary period over)

These members have not attended 2 of the last 3 meetings.  You can change their status by going to http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ubl/ubl-lcsc/manage/attendance.php?x=2&y=3&highlight_type=have_not&new_status=4&modify_ids%5B10952%5D=on&modify_ids%5B6041%5D=on&modify_ids%5B9442%5D=on&modify_ids%5B6083%5D=on&modify_ids%5B6049%5D=on&modify_ids%5B6283%5D=on&modify_ids%5B6111%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4926%5D=on&modify_ids%5B9488%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4937%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4923%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4919%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4914%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4917%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4909%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4941%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4907%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4904%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4916%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4911%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4922%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4942%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4933%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4930%5D=on&modify_ids%5B4927%5D=on&modify_ids%5B6376%5D=on&modify_ids%5B7381%5D=on&modify_ids%5B9443%5D=on&modify_ids%5B9441%5D=on&modify_ids%5B9168%5D=on&modify_ids%5B10261%5D=on

* Arthur Colman
* Gunther Stuhec
* Anthony Coates
* michael seubert
* frank thome
* Paul Thorpe
* sally chan
* Jon Bosak
* Paul Spencer
* Nigel Wooden
* Jack Gager
* Garret Minakawa
* David Lewis
* Eve Maler
* bill burcham
* Richard Mader
* bill French
* Alan Stitzer
* deborah quezadaz
* Joseph Chiusano
* John Larmouth
* Ron Schuldt
* Mark Crawford
* Marc Guenthardt
* Patrick Yee
* Mavis Cournane
* Tim Benson
* Sun-Ho Kim
* Robert Glushko
* jeffery eck
* Jouko Salonen

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