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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Document recording Working Process

Attached is the document I started at the Face to Face this week.  I am
looking for help and suggestions on how to flesh this out.  The Main goal of
this document is to describe a working process for filling out the columns
in our worksheet.   I tried to capture the working ideas as we went along,
so there may be huge holes in the process.  I do appreciate all of your

This document could also contain a short glossary of terms used, so that we
can get a consensus and agreement of all terms we are using in this work.

Lisa, Technical Editor

Lisa Seaburg
xCBL Unit, Commerce One Labs
Commerce One, Inc. <<Process for working through spreadsheet.doc>> 
19191 Vallco Parkway, Cupertino, CA
Phone: 662-560-6397
Mobile: 662-501-7676

Process for working through spreadsheet.doc

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