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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Global attributes and publishing markup

Dear LC SC,

At last week's NDR SC telecon I took actions to ask for feedback from 
your group on two matters.  Would it be possible for you to spend a few 
minutes on these in your call this week and get back to us with the 
results?  If you would like further background, the meeting minutes in 
which these items arose are here:


*Global attributes:

Gunther has proposed that a small group of XML attributes should appear 
on every element: uid, uidRef, uidRefs, and xs:language.  Effectively, 
these act as "common" properties shared by all object classes.  You can 
find the description of these four in Section 6.2 of the Elements vs. 
Attributes paper:


First, does your methodology account for identifying "common" properties 
such as these?  The spreadsheet would need to say (e.g., though a flag) 
that the property is truly global (that is, it must be applied to *all* 
object classes), and would need to provide a definition of the property 
that could safely be used identically in building all necessary 

Second, can you please consider the four common properties proposed by 
Gunther and confirm whether you want them?  (That is, can you add them 
to your spreadsheet somehow if you want them, and reject them explicitly 
if not?)

*Publishing markup:

Can you supply examples of the sorts of generic "publishing structures" 
you might need, such as bold text, paragraphs, lists, etc.?  We realize 
that this is likely to come up in force only when you get to catalogs. 
But if we get some input now, we can start to determine whether we can 
just reuse an existing vocabulary such as XHTML for such purposes, or 
whether something special-purpose will have to be built.  This will have 
an impact on our recommendations for schema modularity.

Thanks very much for your attention to these requests.


Eve Maler                                    +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center   eve.maler @ sun.com

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