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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] Global attributes and publishing markup

Re Eve's comment:
I think that binding-specific information, if carefully designed, can 
often be useful for more than just one syntax binding.  The tag name is

a perfect example!  But in any case, if such information doesn't reside

in the spreadsheet (or an associated spreadsheet), it must be applied
hand -- definitely not a good bargain!

On the subject of the "XML specific", or indeed any solution specific,
things which need to be recorded, I believe strongly that they must be
clearly identifiable as solution-dictated and not business-required
items. My preference would be to actually keep these in a, hopefully
thin, layer of an implementation-specific library. I can see the
attraction of putting them, clearly identified, into the spreadsheet
although I fear that it would only take a simple slip-up to really mess
the whole thing up and make the spreadsheet solution-specific rather
than solution-neutral. 

Thinking along these lines, and noting the point about things specific
to more than one solution also, I favour the idea of a separate
recording place, as one would end up with a range of common-to-all
solution-specific items, some that are shared by two or three solutions,
and others which are unique to a particular solution. Any new emerging
solution would want to / ought to look in a specific place for existing
'solution fixes' to see if a work-around has already been devised that
will achieve what they need. So we would be able to manage re-usable
'solution fixes' as well as re-usable everything else! But, better to
keep them apart...


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