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Subject: RE: [ubl-lcsc] Global attributes and publishing markup

Title: RE: [ubl-lcsc] Global attributes and publishing markup


> But there is now a push to incorporate the details of W3C
> XML Schema Definition Language directly into the UBL model,
> rather than keep them isolated and distinct from the business
> model. The results I believe are causing the current concerns.

I am not sure this is the case with the current discussion.  Could you provide more details please?
> In my opinion, making the model schema specific instead of
> keeping it schema neutral makes the UBL model less abstract,
> and may ultimately limit its use. It makes UBL less of the true
> "universal" solution I had hoped for, and very much more of a
> tool specific one.

While I appreciate your position, I harken back to the discussion the NDR group has had on design rules.  We chose XSD as the cannonical form for UBL.  That decision was based on a number of factors.  We also said that although we were mindful of, and fully support the desires of, others to express UBL in other schema syntax - such as Relax NG and AS1 we would not suboptimize our XSD based approaches.  


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