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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] ISSUE: Outstanding discussion points on BIE's

Discussion of Element Naming and their definitions.  The following list are BIE's, their definitions and comments that have been made by members of UBL LCSC.  I would like to discuss these points during our call tomorrow morning and see if we can't put some of them away.  Thanks.
BIE: Shipment. Carrier. Identifier
DEFINITION: the identifier assigned by the agency to the carrier. This identifies the carrier being used for this stage of the shipment.
COMMENT: This is overlapping some terms - a carrier can identify a shipment, and a carrier can be identified. This is unclear in the BIE Dictionary Entry Name.
BIE: Pricing. Basis. Quantity
DEFINITION: contains a quantity and unit of measurement to which the unit price applies if that quantity is greater than. For example if a pricing scheme were $50/500 lbs, then 500 lbs would be contained in this element. This can also be used, when the UnitOfMeasurem

COMMENTS:  I don't like the idea of combining these items unless we are specifying it as an aggregation
AJS:  New definition: "Contains the quantity and unit of measurement on which the unit price is based.  For example, if the pricing scheme were $50/500 lbs, this would contain 500 (quantity) and lbs (unit of measure)."

BIE:  Sales Condition. Condition. Identifier
DEFINITION: identifies a condition within the set of sales conditions that apply.

COMMENT: This is confusing - is this at the point of delivery for a sale, or a POS, or a pre-condition on the entity that can be sold to?
"Suggest add ""s"" to ""Sales Condition"" in the name.  Strictly speaking this should be named Item Sales Conditions etc, as there are probably Transaction Sales Conditions as well in the overall world model!"

BIE: Item Identifier. Extension. Text
DEFINITION: "an additional extension in free text form to 'specialise' the identification of a product or service.
An example of this would be a color code for a specific product."

COMMENT:  All discuss:This overlaps the function of 'Physical Attribute' and is less system processable.
This would be an attribute - no in extension text as it would not be searchable - typically they use features like color with codes so they can be reused (and not scraping for matching free-form text).
BIE:  Item. Final Recipient. Details
DEFINITION: information that directly relates to the person or organization who will ultimately receive the item.

COMMENT:  "All to discuss:  This is about the Line Item and not the Item"

BIE:  Item. From Catalog. Indicator 
DEFINITION: an indicator that denotes whether or not the item was ordered from a catalog.
COMMENT:  "All to discuss: This is about the Line Item and not the Item"
BIE:  Address. Identifier
DEFINITION: a unique identifier given to a specific address within a scheme of registered addresses.

COMMENT:  "All to discuss: Are there any such schemes and if so what are they?" 
How does this overlap by a type of address?  Home, office, organization, etc. (UBL000033A).  Is there really a clear distinction between a location and an address?

BIE:  Contract. Identifier 
DEFINITION:  identifies a contract by a unique and single identifier known to all the parties concerned. 
COMMENT:  Maybe 'known to all" is a bit OTT although it really is implied or we would have separate [party role]'s.Contract.Id names. Should we have these as, for example, we have Buyer/SellerItemId? 
Multple contracts can apply to a transaction or to parties that transact together. We found it to be M-M.

9A)  CREDIT CARD all following:
BIE:  Credit Card. Authorisation. Text 
DEFINITION:  Under review:
COMMENT:  Mike, NO SUCH THING, according to my Card friends   There can be a transaction number and in limited circumstances, I have seen an authorization number that an entity has to record when a card transaction is approved (I don't see it used that often anymore).
BIE: CreditCard. Details
DEFINITION: information that directly relates to a credit card, a small plastic card issued by a financial institution, bank or building society, allowing the holder to make purchases on credit. 
COMMENT:  Why wouldn't you have card details and use UBL000155B identify the card type.  Therefore, you have Card. Details.  If so you have to generisize the definition.
BIE: Payment Means. Credit Card. Details
DEFINITION: Old definition: the credit or debit card that is being used for the payment.
COMMENT: "Name & definition conflict. Credit card in name, credit or debit card in definition.  The data model is weak in this area: I am reworking it [Mike]" This is like UBL000150.
BIE: Credit Card. Customer. Identifier
DEFINITION:  Old definition: the customer reference number. This is used to enable transmission of customer specific information with the card. (Under review)
COMMENT:  Mike, "The name suggests a misconception about what this is, when you read the definition.  Mike to review with Card people."

BIE: Credit Card. Expiry. Date 
DEFINITION: the date up to which the card is valid . 
COMMENT:  Definition is only acceptable if we re-model a generic 'Card' which can have sub-types of 'credit', 'debit' etc 
Agreed - see previous comment on using Card Type.
BIE: Credit Card. Holder. Name 
DEFINITION:  the name of the holder of the card. 
COMMENT:  Definition is only acceptable if we re-model a generic 'Card' which can have sub-types of 'credit', 'debit' etc 
Agreed. See previous comments.
BIE:  Credit Card. Identifier
DEFINITION:  the identifying number of the card.
Synonym: Card Number" 
COMMENT: New definition is only acceptable if we re-model a generic 'Card' which can have sub-types of 'credit', 'debit' etc 
Use Card Type. Same comment as previously.
BIE:  Credit Card. Issuer. Identifier 
DEFINITION:  the type of card used as a means of payment. 
COMMENT:  Definition is only acceptable if we re-model a generic 'Card' which can have sub-types of 'credit', 'debit' etc. Name should not say "Credit" 
Agreed. In addition, the Card issuer ID is not the same as the type of credit card - unless you are saying Visa, Master Card or xxxx vs. Debit, Credit.
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