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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Peer Review of current modeling artifacts - your input isrequested.

Following from yesterday's conference call, (see minutes at 
we have agreed to spend until Thursday 7th Nov doing a peer review of 
the normalized model as it now stands.  This model is documented in the 
class diagram (ClassDiagram0p70.gif) and the spreadsheet (normalized 
components8 0p70 excel.xls).  These are available on the LC working 
documents web page 

Therefore, all subcommoittee members are asked to consider this material 
and submit any comments and questions to the LC List. I shall maintain 
the issues list.  We expect to devote a large part of our regular 
Tuesday call on Nov 5th to disposing of issues arising from this peer 
review.  Then, on Nov 7th we shall submit these two revised artifacts to 
the QA group for their review.  

This process will ensure we have a solid basis upon which we can start 
assembling the various document definitions.  

At the risk of throwing another document into the pot - I am attaching a 
version of the normalized spreadsheet that lists both sides of each 
association (where an object is pointed to by an arrow and now also 
where an object points to another object).  On Thursday's call, this was 
proposed as a better way of presenting the material.
This new document  (normalized components9 0p70 excel) is the same as 
the latest version (normalized components8 0p70 excel), except for the 
additional green rows describing the potential 0..n associations for 
each object (its'child' associations).
If anyone thinks may help them understand the content better then feel 
free to use this version.  Otherwise ignore it and concentrate on 
document 'normalized components8 0p70 excel'.

tim mcgrath
fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142 

Attachment: normalized components9 0p70 excel.xls
Description: MS-Excel spreadsheet

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