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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Output of UBL-Schemagenerator

Hello all,

I developed the new UBL Schema Generator now. It works a little bit different as I mentioned before. 
I didn't made a configuation file, which describes the complete schema structure. The configuration file defines, on which column of the spreedsheet will be a specific information. The output of the schema itself is hardcoded within the script itself. Because it is always the same structure. The configuration file looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- edited with XMLSPY v5 rel. 2 U (http://www.xmlspy.com) by Gunther Stuhec (UBL) -->
<!--Sample XML file generated by XMLSPY v5 rel. 2 U (http://www.xmlspy.com)-->
<configElements xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"; xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="C:\scripts\config.xsd">
	<CCTNamespace prefix="cct" location="CoreComponentTypes.xsd">CoreComponentTypes.xsd</CCTNamespace>
	<TargetNamespace prefix="doc">CoreCompoents.xsd</TargetNamespace>
	<RootElement base="OrderDetails">Order</RootElement>
	<UID name="UID">2</UID>
	<CoreComponentCharacteristic name="Core Component Characteristic">14</CoreComponentCharacteristic>
	<ObjectClassTerm name="Object Class">7</ObjectClassTerm>
	<QualifierTerm_PropertyTerm name="Qualifier Term of Property Term">8</QualifierTerm_PropertyTerm>
	<PropertyTerm name="Property Term">9</PropertyTerm>
	<RepresentationTerm name="Representation Term">10</RepresentationTerm>
	<BaseType name="based on">11</BaseType>
	<Occurence name="Occurence">13</Occurence>
	<BusinessTerms name="Business Terms">12</BusinessTerms>
	<Definition name="Definition">15</Definition>
	<BasedOnStandardElement name="based on Element of Standard">3</BasedOnStandardElement>
	<ReferredStandards name="referred Standard Code Lists">17</ReferredStandards>
	<Candidate_CoreComponentId name="Candidate Core Component Id">18</Candidate_CoreComponentId>
	<Context_BusinessProcess name="Context Driver: Business Process">20</Context_BusinessProcess>
	<Context_Region name="Context Driver: Region">21</Context_Region>
	<Context_OfficialConstraints name="Context Driver: Official Constraints">22</Context_OfficialConstraints>
	<Context_Product name="Context Driver: Product">23</Context_Product>
	<Context_Industry name="Context Driver: Industry">24</Context_Industry>
	<Context_Role name="Context Driver: Business Role">25</Context_Role>
	<Context_SupportingRole name="Context Driver: Supporting Role">26</Context_SupportingRole>
	<Context_SystemConstraints name="Context Driver: System Constraints">27</Context_SystemConstraints>
	<Facet_Length name="Facet: Length">29</Facet_Length>
	<Facet_Digits name="Facet: Digits">34</Facet_Digits>
	<Facet_Pattern name="Facet: Pattern">30</Facet_Pattern>
	<Facet_Enumeration name="Facet: Enumeration">31</Facet_Enumeration>
	<Facet_Inclusive name="Facet: Inclusive">32</Facet_Inclusive>
	<Facet_Exclusive name="Facet: Exclusive">33</Facet_Exclusive>
	<AnalystNotes name="Analyst Notes">16</AnalystNotes>
	<EditorsNotes name="Editors Notes">28</EditorsNotes>

However, it is another quick and dirty solution. But it can process all different excel-spreadsheets of core components very easily. In the following attachement, you will find an example of it. It includes two schemas of the core components (from Version 0p66 and 0p65) and one schema of the complete order (from version 0p66). 
The scripts generates from every BCC which is inside of an ACC a new complexType. Is that correct? Could you review this schemas please and give me an information, if something not correct according our UBL rules. 

And can you also send the newest spreadsheet, if you have someone.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,



Attachment: UBL_Schemas.zip
Description: Binary data

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