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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Re: UBL analysisteam: Some questions related to thetransportmodel

you raise some good points.  i have put my thoughts in the relevant sections below.

what do others in the analysis thread think?

Seubert, Michael wrote:
Hi Tim
thank´s for your "suggested compromise model".
I think this is a good way to start.
On the one hand side I tried to analyse the Transport model. but I have sometimes some problems with the cardinalities. I think it is not yet "well cooked" from a modeling point of view.
So the best way is to take the existing objects and put them in the existing normalized model.
Regarding your suggested model, I have some questions:
i   I guess there is a relationship between Consignment and Shipmentstage.  ( 1 , 0..n)
   (see normalized model)
   A shipmentstage belongs exactly to one Consignment ???
The way we have it now reflects the 'transport view' and allows us to have a ShipmentStage to include more than one consignment.  I think Frank was making this point.  If we want to know the ShipmentStages for a Consignment we must look at the goods being moved and the TransportHandlingUnit they are in.  This  is like the real world.
ii  Should we rename Shipmentstage into ConsignmentStage?
Not if we believe that the association is not a direct one.

iii  What does Transport Equipment mean ?
    Is it a type of equipments?
    It is not clear, why this is a subtype of TransportHandlingUnit?
TransportEquipment is the EDIFACT term used for things like sea containers and pallets.  That is objects that are used to contain goods whilst in transit.  It could be seen as an aggregation based on logistical convenience rather commerical requirment (as 'packs' of goods tend to be).  this means a TransportEquipment may not necessarily contain the same goods or even contain only the goods from one consignment.
The definition of TransportHandlingUnit was "A uniquely identifiable physical unit consisting of one or more packages (not necessarily containing the same articles) for enabling physical handling during the  transport process."
On second viewing these sound pretty much like the same thing to me.  So TransportHandlingEquipment and TransportEquipment may be synonyms.  I suspect i should have had 'Container' and 'Pallet' as subtypes of TransportHandlingEquipment.
Best regards

tim mcgrath
fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142 

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