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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] [LCSC] Corrected Invoice


Some of you may have not been able to read my attached file again. Not sure whether it is this end or t'other, as it seems to be related to sending to a list. But here it is again, which I hope will work...

I've checked the Invoice and must apologise for the error I made in copying and pasting the area around Exchange Rate (old lines 192-203), which led to the disappearance of the ABIE for Tax. This is now restored, and I have changed back the assumptions Gunther made when he could not find Tax (old lines 190 and 207). So everything is now as intended.

I have also removed two ASBIE lines (old lines 201/2) which I should have removed when assembling the message.

Finally, I have added the Seller Party line (new line 15) which I had missed, foolishly forgetting at what stage I was!

The attachment is a corrected version of the one Gunther sent with the .xsd etc.

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Attachment: UBL_Invoice_02.xls
Description: MS-Excel spreadsheet

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