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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Various Little Bugs in the Norm Model

Title: Message

I've been working in the past couple days on the new normalized picture (generator). Here's some things that my pipeline has found wrong with 0p70qa.  I've sent these to some of you privately, but wanted to get them into the record for future reference...

In generating the (automated) diagram for the normalized model (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl-lcsc/200212/msg00045.html) I found these problems in the spreadsheet:

field: Basic/Assoc/Aggr

row 50-51, change ABIE to ASBIE

row 557-561, get rid of space in "ASB IE" -- becomes "ASBIE"

field: Assoc Object Class

row 248 references ABIE "Tax Summary" -- no such ABIE is defined in the spreadsheet. row 256 references ABIE "Order Line" -- no such ABIE is defined (I'm assuming you meant "Order Item")

row 317 references ABIE "Reference Document" -- no such ABIE is defined

row 453, 499 references ABIE "Delivery Advice" -- no such ABIE is defined

field: Occurence

row 552 is missing the value


Bill Burcham
Sr. Software Architect, Standards and Applied Technology
Sterling Commerce, Inc.


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