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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Edits to Public Review HTML Document

Hello Lisa,

Here's the HTML file for LC Review after a pass through it
Saturday evening.  I've included a brief list of changes below.
Mostly what I've been concentrating on here are the presentational
aspects coming out of the HTML tagging and the embedded CSS
stylesheet.  (Getting the indents to work correctly with both
Microsoft and Mozilla browsers is really tricky!)

I only got as far as the beginning of the annexes in this pass,
but since you're about to add some stuff back in there, perhaps
that's just as well.

Question: Section 6 seems to be a bit empty now.  Do we need this
any more?



NAME attribute removed from IMG

Required ALT text supplied for IMG

CSS styles substantially reworked to improve formatting

Sublist spacing fixed

Definitions and Abbreviations retagged to differentiate data terms
(<DT>) from data definitions (<DD>)

Caption changed from "Figure 1 - Table of Trade Cycle" to "Figure
1. Trade Cycle"

Em dashes (&#x2014;) substituted for hyphens acting as dashes

Various minor editorial nits fixed (e.g., "the meanings" for
"their meanings")

Date changed to reflect actual date of modification; retagged as
ADDRESS for correct display in legacy browsers

Title changed to "<H1>Universal Business Language &#x2014; Library
Content &#x2014; 0p70 Public Review</H1>"

"<H3>5.3 UBL Op v0p70 Trading Cycle Scenario</H3>" changed to
"<H3>5.3 UBL v0p70 Trading Cycle Scenario</H3>" [IS THIS

Complex list under 5.3.1 straightened out

In 7.2, changed "All Business Document Definitions are defined" to
"All Business Documents are defined" and disentangled the list


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