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Subject: RE: [ubl-lcsc] An impact on stylesheets by global names vs. localnames decision

At 2003-01-20 06:33 -0600, Burcham, Bill wrote:
>But what if you needed to process Party structures Ken?  That is, what if
>you had code (template), similar to your Address processing, that you wanted
>to act on all Parties?  You'd be stuck wouldn't you (since the tags in each
>kind of Party differ)?

Precisely my problem ... in 0p65 I had a shared Name/Address template.  Now 
I have only a shared Address template and I am obliged to handle the names 

>The ramifications Ken cites, are a result more of the last minute change to
>"long" tag names than of the decision to use globally-scoped element

Sorry ... without the background in the project I caught that discussion 
and assumed it was related to using long names to achieve global uniqueness.

>   What was being enforced by globally-scoped element
>declarations was that whenever one saw the tag "CityName", one was
>guaranteed that it had precisely the same structure.  The vocabulary could
>still have many content models containing that tag (CityName).  Long tag
>names (tag names that include the Object Class) foreclose on the possibility
>of such reuse.

Yes, unique naming may inhibit a lot of sharing of common processes.

I didn't want to reopen any can of worms with my observations ... I just 
promised that I would forward to the group issues that caught my attention 
under my purview.

There isn't really a need to respond to these posts unless my incorrect 
assumptions might lead other readers astray ... thanks, Bill, for setting 
me straight.

............. Ken

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