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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Stylesheet tests fine with changes noted earlier; samplePDF results attached

Good evening, folks,

I think I can pronounce the schemas "sane" from my stylesheet perspective, 
modulo the still outstanding issues of the target namespace and default 
namespace URI cited in earlier messages.

I mocked up a couple of test instances and modified my stylesheets 
accordingly and validated them with my edited schemas from earlier today: 
XML and PDF files are attached and you'll see that I don't have a lot of 
data in the instances.  I got the data values from the 0p65 example posted 
by Tim.

I edited my local copy of the Order schema according to my message posted 


I can see Dave Carlson's point regarding the children of the document 
element still appearing to have the document type built into the element 
type names cited in:


The issue Dave cites isn't a big change for me, so I can go either way, but 
he is right about the decision rippling through the stylesheets.  I don't 
see that it really hurts having the document type repeated in the name of a 
top-level element type, though it would certainly be more consistent if the 
element type names were shorter for children of the document element.

So I guess from my perspective, all I need are the repairs in the 
<xsd:schema> document elements cited above, the mappings from Sue and Jean 
for the layout field contents, and then more and more sample data so I can 
exercise other fields of the output forms.

I've only worked on Order tonight, undoing the changes earlier this week 
for the long element type names ... and I've only done a few of the output 
fields.  I did recover my multi-page output as shown in the second 
example.  I'll spend the next while on some documentation (for Order) so 
people will understand how the formatting specifications (as 
specifications) work.

Please let me know if anyone has any questions.

................... Ken

p.s. Lisa, I'll be preparing more snapshots of the fs/ directory as I get 
more sample data and mapping information ... I'll keep sending you the 
latest and you can replace all the files in the fs/ directory with the 
unzipped contents of what I send to you.

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