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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Re: Updated UBL Library --> shorter Tagnames wihtinBusiness Documents

I believe that Gunther went off-line 10 minutes ago (per his earlier message,
4pm EST), so we won't hear from him until later tomorrow when he is back in

----- Original Message -----
From: "Burcham, Bill" <Bill_Burcham@stercomm.com>
To: "'Stuhec, Gunther'" <gunther.stuhec@sap.com>;
<ubl-lcsc@lists.oasis-open.org>; <ubl-ndrsc@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Friday, January 24, 2003 1:40 PM
Subject: [ubl-lcsc] RE: [ubl-ndrsc] Updated UBL Library --> shorter Tagnames
wihtin B usiness Document s

> Great work Gunther.  These tag names are nice.
> As for the issue you raise about BBIEs -- I don't believe there is any
> problem, nor do I believe there is any work to be done.  The global element
> declarations now present in the document-level namespaces (e.g.
> "urn:oasis:names:tc:ubl:Order:1.0:0.70") are just fine as they stand.  I
> don't think we should go putting "dummy ABIE rows" into the model at this
> point in the game.
> I do see a couple further issues with namespaces though.  Don't know how
> critical these are -- I'd love to hear some NDRSC opinion here.

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