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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Suggested changes to release notes


Here are some suggestions for changes to the release notes.  I'm
thinking now that the disclaimer section I sent you yesterday can
simply go in the main document and doesn't have to be in the
release notes.  The biggest change here is to the title; I think this
got pasted in from NDR by mistake.

I'm including a revised version of the UBL0p70_ReleaseNotes.html
file I downloaded around 9 a.m. California time Sunday in case you
just want to take these changes as listed.



[Title] Universal Business Language  Naming and Design Rules
 0p70 Release Notes

   should be: "Universal Business Language  Library Content
    0p70 Release Notes"

1.  All customizations (extensions and restrictions) are/will
utilize XML namespaces owned by the customizing user, into which
the core UBL libraries will be imported and referenced.

   "will" instead of "are/will"; same in sentences #2 and #3
   immediately following

3. The business need for extensions and refinements are/will be
described using a "context mechanism" based on that found in the
UN/CEFACT Core Components Technical Specification, and earlier in
the ebXML Core Components work.

   omit comma after "Specification"

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