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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Re: Please expect the package at your PO Box

Thanks for the attachment.  I was amused with the phrase "Declare or
Beware"  It reminded me first of the Texas motto "Don't mess with Texas" of
their anti-littering campaign and then a little later of "Gone with the
Wind" and Scarlet saying " I *do* Declare"

As you are aware, the Supreme Order of the Donkey steering committee is
very keen on awarding the prize to individuals who are most deserving.  You
will also note that the award has been given to both those who have
contributed substantially and those who have "flogged the dead donkey."
Without disclosing any closed session communications, it is safe for me to
say that the SOD nominating committee, after some very fine Australian (and
Virginian) wine, selected you as the current winner.  The previous winner,
Mark Crawford announced the award in Denver following the UBL plenary.

As I understand it (and am perfectly happy to stand corrected), Tim McGrath
was recognized for his contributions to the Denver Face-to-face in
absentia.  The recognition combined both facets of previous winners because
it was felt that Tim's absence during the F2F contributed substantially to
the progress made by the LCSC and NDRSC and lessened the donkey flogging,
especially during the context discussions.  It was obvious to all attendees
that Gunther's presentations (particularly on "Batch") was a compelling
reason to appoint him once again but:
1. He had already held the distinguished award
2. We wanted to recognize someone from the LCSC
3. Don still had a hangover from the pub crawling in Germany

As your vice-chair, I accepted you award and agreed to ship him to you.
His travel to Virginia and his stay in Dumfries was unremarkable (except as
noted below).

Congratulations on your award.  We expect that you will show Don a
marvelous time and bring many photos to London (don't forget the donkey)



Marion A. Royal
202.208.4643 (Office)
202.302.4634 (Mobile)

                    "Tim McGrath"          To:     marion.royal@gsa.gov                                              
                    <tmcgrath@portco       cc:     mcrawford@lmi.org                                                 
                    mm.com.au>             Subject:     Re: Please expect the package at your PO Box                 
                    03/02/2003 01:08                                                                                 

I am not sure what i have done (or not done) to deserve this honour.

firstly, if your dog is anything like mine - please don't send any
photos of them together.

secondly, you should be aware of Australian Quarantine rulings on these
things (see attached AQIS document -in particular page 2).  let's hope
the scanner doesn't pick him up.

marion.royal@gsa.gov wrote:

>I have sent you a package via Express Mail that should be delivered within
>days.  I was supposed to ship it immediately following the Denver F2F, but
>Don wouldn't allow me to.  He became quite fond of my dog, Pepper, and
>were haven't such a grand time, I couldn't bring myself to separate them
>until now.
>Please direct any questions regarding the content of the package to Mark
>Marion A. Royal
>202.208.4643 (Office)
>202.302.4634 (Mobile)

tim mcgrath
fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142

(See attached file: whatcantitake2003-1.pdf)


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