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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Fw: [QA Team] Process Notes

I have senior moments every once in awhile.  I sent this to the wrong list.  Sorry.
----- Original Message -----
From: Lisa-Aeon
Sent: Friday, February 28, 2003 1:38 PM
Subject: [QA Team] Process Notes

These notes were taken during our discussion on today's conference call.  We wanted to pin down the actual process, steps and responsibilities, of the comment review cycle.  Please read them through, if you have comments, you can email me back directly.  Thanks.
Step 1:  (step owner: Bill)
    Comments come in to Bill Meadows, either through direct email or on the UBL list.
    Bill moves comments to incoming directory and sends acknowledgement email out to Reviewer.
    Bill sends email to Anne letting her know they are there.
Step 2: (step owner: Anne)
    Anne creates subdirectories and moves the comments there, then goes through the comment and adds to the Comment Spreadsheet.  Include UBL IDs if possible.
Step 3: (step owner: Bill)
    Comments are reviewed by QA Team in weekly meeting
        a) Categorize each comment and assign
        b) Assign QA Team owner
        c) Assign proposed Solution Owner if known.
Bill is the official point of communication if needed.
We will keep a status list for inclusion in each QA team meeting agenda.
Step: 4 (step owner: ?)
    The QA Owner's responsibilities:
        a) Clarify comment if needed
        b) Report on progress to group
        c) Report to Bill on Status for updating on list
        d) Report to Anne changes to go into spreadsheet.  (*Anne is the owner of the comment spreadsheet, she will be making all changes.)
        e) Report Proposed Solutions to Anne for inclusion in spreadsheet.
Step: 5  (step owner: Marion)
    Present comments to SC and TCs as appropriate.
        a) Contact SC chairs to add individual points to their weekly agendas.
        b) Put together emails to SC chairs that comments are ready for them to review and where they can get them.
QA Owner brings comment to final disposition, and is responsible for closure.
Step: 6
    Review at Face to Face: All comments
Lisa Seaburg
AEON Consulting
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Email:  lseaburg@aeon-llc.com
Alternative Email: xcblgeek@yahoo.com
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                       -Katharine Hepburn

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