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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Copying a message from a new LCSC member (Chin Chee-Kai)


i am passing on your comments about explaining the process to our QA group as they are responsible for the review distribution.

i am unsure what you mean by 'working on a script to convert...', i thought we had one of those already?  to my knowledge the perl script can generate all XSDs except the re-usable one (it only does 98% of that).  i think the issue was with name spacing and not the content of the components themselves.  However I am sure Gunther (or someone else from tools and techniques) on the list can clarify this.

Chin Chee-Kai wrote:
Thanks Tim.

if we sounded like bureaucrats in our insistence on correct formats.
Pardon me, but for people who might be used to the free text email 
replies in lists at IETF, W3C, etc where public comments are 
actively sought as in this case, the insistence might have a tendency
to turn people off.  I'm glad I persisted... but I do understand
the difficulty and extra time involved if Bill would have to 
start retyping/regrouping all the comments, especially when the files
are plenty and large.

Perhaps explaining more clearly and explicitly on the website the 
reason for asking for feedbacks in RTF forms and the potential 
large workload on LCSC if feedbacks come in in free form might 
help on allaying potential negative image, if any, about the 
choice of mechanism.  For instance, I didn't know (until you
just explained) that the responses from LCSC will be returned
to sender only after Apr 27th's meeting.  I probably would've
expected some interactive exchanges like in many other lists,
and probably concluded (based on expectation of interactive
discussion) that the list isn't active.  I think I'm only trying
to say that there may be people who may have different expectations
as to how the public comment list works, and it is probably
good to explain on website as what you've just done with me.
Just my 2 cents.

our plan is to collect and edit comments up until 14th April then
distribute a set to all LCSC members.  At the Plenary meeting on April
27th we shall go through the comments and agree on the correct
This is certainly good so that the responses will not be 
haphazard, or different from one another amongst LCSC members.
UBL being not just a technical topic, the coordinated approach
will help give UBL TC a consistent and coordinated position on
matters.  Might it be good to append what you've just described
to the page on:

meanwhile, i am happy to subscribe you to the Library Content discussion
list, so you can participate in the work of our group.  you should
receive confirmation of this soon. this may be the opportunity for you
to contribute to our ongoing development and maybe clarify or resolve
some of your comments.
Thanks.  As I am working on an automaton script to convert
from the 0p70L Excel to XSDs, and am beginning to expose some 
conversion issues/questions.  While I'm at it, can I ask if
you know whether all the XSDs generated from "ubl.bat" and "EXXML.pl"
are handicrafted further before they are dropped into the xsd
directory?  The "Reusable.xls" was explicitly stated as 
"DO NOT GENERATE THE Reusable.xsd from here" within "ubl.bat".
What about the other XSDs?

Chin Chee-Kai


tim mcgrath
fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142 

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