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Subject: UBL inter-schema helper conversion tool


The UBLish tool script that I used to spot those differences
between schema and spreadsheet is now sitting at this page:


There's downloading, simple installation guide, etc.  You are
welcome to please have a look at the page.

For the convenience of those who're not running the script,
the results of using UBLish to convert 0p70 schema files to 
spreadsheets and the reverse of converting 0p70 spreadsheet
files to schema are also posted on the page.  

Three points to note:

(1) The spreadsheets listed on the page has UBLUID filled
in to ease cross-referencing.  (0p70's spreadsheets don't have)

(2) The original 0p70 spreadsheets differ in minor ways from
the original 0p70 schemas.  As a result, the schema and spreadsheet
files listed on the page also differ, as their sources are
from 0p70's spreadsheet and schema files respectively.

(3) There might still be inaccuracies in the re-generated
spreadsheets due to my own inability to fully understand
some of the formulas used in 0p70's spreadsheet rows
(especially the "Assoc Object Class Qualifier" and "Assoc
Object Class")
If need be, you can view the script itself (using a text editor)
to see what interpretation was used to re-generate the spreadsheets,
or advise me accordingly so I can improve on it.

Please feel free to send me comments on any aspect of it.
In particular, I'm not sure if I've done the right thing 
regarding the splash screen notice (in ./etc/UBLish-SplashScreen.bmp)
or other finer aspects of sharing/releasing such a thing.
So all/any help or pointers are very welcome.


Best Regards,
Chin Chee-Kai

PS: Sorry for any multiple-copies due to the cc-list.

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