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ubl-lcsc message

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Subject: Agenda for NDR/LCSC Joint Call, Wednesday

Welcome to a joint meeting between Library Content SC and the Naming and Design Rules SC.  This meeting is joint for the purpose of going over the 0p70 Review Comments that relate to the NDRSC.
Please use the following dial-in information:

     Toll-free (from the U.S.): +1 888 422-7116
     Int'l Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number: +1 608 250-1828

1.  Roll Call and Welcome from the chair (Lisa), assignment of co-chair to take minutes.

2.  Acceptance of minutes from previous meeting

3.  Adoption of agenda/schedule planning
4.  Review of Comments from the 0p70 Review, (Spreadsheet is attached)
    The NDR related comments are marked in turquoise.
5.  Review of Project List:
A+ NDR document update (in progress)
A Code list rules and schema template - (in progress, discussed and formulated more rules in this call)
A Embedded documentation (in progress)
A Local vs. global elements - (rediscussion closed on March 17th. Discussed further in this call)
A Namespace rules (getting into NDR main doc)
A Versioning rules (getting into NDR main doc) - in progress
A Context Methodology (only comments from Mark so far, to be discussed further next week)
B Common Core Components documentation - (in progress, Gunther is speaking directly with reviewers of this in San Diego this week. Will have a call with Mavis next week to put it all together)
B Containership (to be put first on the agenda for next week)

6.  Review of Sub Committees:
    Library Content SC (Sue), 
        LCSC QA Team, working on comments (Sue/Anne) 
    Tools and Techniques (Gunther)
    Context Methodology (Eduardo)
8.  Other Business?
9.  Adjourn

Lisa Seaburg
Website: http://www.aeon-llc.com/
Email:  lseaburg@aeon-llc.com
Alternative Email: xcblgeek@yahoo.com
Phone: 662-562-7676
Cellphone: 662-501-7676
"Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk."


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