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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] [QA Team] 4/4/2003: Two Outstanding UBL Items re: Schema...]

This should resolve f.8 and f.9 and pass the information for resolution
as it appears there are some corrections required in the spreadsheet.

See Gunther's response.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: Stuhec 3/30/2003: Two Outstanding UBL Items re: Schema...
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 15:59:20 +0200
From: "Stuhec, Gunther" <gunther.stuhec@sap.com>
To: "'Monica J. Martin'" <monica.martin@sun.com>

Hello Monica,

I tried to answer your questions. You'll find my answers in your

Kind regards,


-----Original Message-----
From: Monica J. Martin [mailto:monica.martin@sun.com] 
Sent: Montag, 31. März 2003 08:14
To: Stuhec, Gunther
Cc: monica.martin@sun.com
Subject: Stuhec 3/30/2003: Two Outstanding UBL Items re: Schema...

Two items were identified in Friday's QA call from comments received. We
were uncertain if these issues were related to the script, formatting in
the spreadsheet or hidden metadata to use the script.

Can you please look at the two items below and let me know what you
think?  I can send you the full QA list if you like that includes these
two items.

1. Near the end of file, casing error in "LineitemCountQuantity":
<xsd:element name="LineitemCountQuantity"    type="cct:QuantityType"/>

<GS>I can not find any schema error. The only one mistake is that the
"item" in LineitemCountQuantity does not begin with a capital letter
like: LineItemCountQuantity. This is a mistake in the spreadsheet.</GS>

2. ReceiptAdvice.xsd references  <xsd:element
ref="cat:ReferencedDespatchAdvice" ...> but the spreadsheet defines
under Default UBL Name records the value as "ReferencedDeliveryAdvice".

<GS>If you look into the spreadsheet UBL_Library_0p70_ReceiptAdvice,
you'll see in line 6 the name "Despatch Advice" as Property Term. This
is may be a mistake in the spreadsheet. Either, we have to change the
Property Term into "Delivery Advice" or the "BIE Dictionary Entry Name"
must be changed. PS: The Perl-script does not using the "BIE Dictionary
Entry Name" in column "E". It generates the dictionary entry names by
using all terms and qualifiers from column "F" to column "J".</GS>


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